These umbrellas are used for decorating milkshakes and desserts. I have a hobby of collecting those cute little umbrellas whenever i drink or eat some desserts at the restaurants. But, those here are handmade ones to decorate the juices and shakes i make for my Cooking Blog.

Materials Required:

  • Colourful sheet of paper - 1
  • Markers
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to make it:

Mark the round shape on a designed sheet of paper (use a magazine paper for shiny surface). Cut out the round shape and fold into two. Open and again fold on the other side and repeat until you get eight lines. Prick a toothpick at the center and apply little glue to make the toothpick stick with the paper. Open to get an umbrella.

I'm sending this to Shama for her Paper Crafts event.

5 Responses
  1. nice cute beautiful idea+umbrella....thank u so much

  2. workhard Says:

    That is a neat idea.. especially when u have parties.. its a cheaper alternative...

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  3. aaron.boag Says:

    i had a progect that i hd o make any tipe of umbrella this was really helpfull



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