Materials Required:
  • Cardboard box - 1
  • Colour sheets of paper
  • Cut out of any design
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to make it:

Choose a cardboard box that can hold at least few of them. The height of the front of the box should be few cm's lesser than the back (just like a post box). Cover the box with coloured sheet of paper of your choice and glue it. Cut out designs from a magazine that can go as a display in the front of the box or even some photos or pictures of nature, animals or flowers will do. Glue it in the front and decorate as you wish. I used a photo of a flower vase and decorated the sides with some glitters. This is a wonderful craft idea for Kids.

I'm sending this to Shama for her Paper Crafts Event.

6 Responses
  1. this is a fantastic simple idea..thank u

  2. Anu, Good Idea.. simple and Easy to make

  3. great idea i am trying to do some thing for my magazine s now i got an idea will try this

  4. have tagged u....please check my handicrafts blog

  5. workhard Says:

    Came out so perfect....u can even use it to dump newspapers

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